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-How does your office (normally) file returns?

We file online through a tax preparation program. 

-What type of payments does your office accept?

We currently accept payments by Cash, Cheque, Interac E-transfer, Interac Debit or Credit Card. 

-How soon can I expect to receive my refund after my return has been filed?

Normally, processing time take 2-3 weeks. Allow extra time if you do not have direct deposit set up with CRA. 

-How can I pay my balance owing to the Canada Revenue Agency?

If you have an amount owing with CRA we suggest waiting to receive a payment form in the mail before applying any payments to any accounts. 

There are online payment options available through MyCRA account on the website. 

-If I am conducting business at home can I claim household expenses?

If you have a small business, rental, farm, etc. you can claim household expenses for having an "office-in-home"

If you qualify you can claim expenses such as telephone bills, water, hydro, property taxes, etc.

-Do I need to save all my prescription receipts?

No. You can contact your local pharmacy and they can provide you with a yearly statement of all prescription purchases made. 

-If I receive a Notice of (RE)Assessment from CRA, can Sharpe & Company help me respond?

Yes. We can always help with communicating with CRA. For personal income tax, there are additional fess for answering these letters for those who have chosen our BASIC level of service. 

-Can Sharpe & Company communicate with CRA on my behalf?

For most situations, yes, we can talk to CRA on your behalf. However, you will need to create a MyCRA Account and fill out an authorization form for our office. 

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