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Personal Tax Season 
Items to Bring

Personal Tax ​Only

  • Rental Receipts

  •  Property Tax Statements

  •  Medical (expenses/ appointments)
    -Appointment confirmations
    -Pharmacy Prescription Statement

  •  Donation Receipts
    -must have a Registered Charity Number

  • Childcare Reciepts
    -must include Name of Care Provider, SIN or Business Number of provider, Name of the child receiving care and the address of the provider

  •  Political Contribution Receipts

  •  Investment Statements/Receipts-
    -Showing Adjusted Cost Base 

  • Professional or Union Dues

  • Tool Expense (apprentice mechanics,journeymen, etc.)

  •  Interest paid on Government Student Loans

  •  Moving Expenses
    -hotel/room rental, km’s travelled, meals receipts, House Sale/Purchase Receipts

  •  Office In-Home Expense Receipts

  • Employment Slips (T4)

  •  Tuition (T2202A) *slips must be printed off from school websites*

  •  RRSP contributions (T4RSP)

  •  Interest, Dividends and Mutual Funds (T3, T5, T5008)

  •  Employment Insurance (T4E)

  •  Old Age Security, CPP Benefits and other pensions and annuities (T4AOAS, T4AP, T4A)

  •  Social Assistance Payments or Worker’s Compensation Benefits (T5007)

Persons with Business & Self Employed Earnings

  • -Advertising

  • -Business Taxes

  • -Licenses, Memberships and Subscriptions

  • -Delivery/Freight

  • -Fuel Costs

  • -Insurance (except Life Insurance)

  • -Interest on Mortgage

  • -Bank Charges

  • -Meals and Entertainment

  • -Motor Vehicle Expenses (i.e. Repairs not monthly payments)

  • -Office Expenses (printers, printer ink, office supplies, etc.)

  • -Professional Fees (Legal/Accounting)

  • -Property Taxes

  • -Rent (land or residential)

  • -Repairs and Maintenance (House/Building)

  • -Travel Expenses (please provide a log)

  • -Utilities (Hydro, Water, etc)

  • -Phone & Internet Expense

  • -Any other expenses incurred that are related to your business.

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