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tax preparation

Personal Tax Season 2023

Packages and Pricing

Preferred Package

 $199.00 plus tax

  • One Full Copy (paper or electronic) of Income Tax Return (T1 General) upon completion of return.

  • Pre and Post Assessment Review Completion

  • For those with Childcare Expenses, Employment Expenses, Individual Medical Expense, T3, T4RSP, and T4RIF

Basic Package

$149.00 plus tax

  • Tax summary provided upon completion of return.

  • For those with simply T4, T4A, T4AP, T4OAS, T5, T2202A, as well as Rent and summarized medical expense. 

  • Does NOT include those with Investments. 

Returns involving farms, small business, rental units,
self-employed, long-haul trucking

Bookkeeping is extra.

Extra Fees

*Taxes Extra*

$25.00 - full copy of Tax Return (T1 General)

$75.00 - Per Form to be Completed

$200.00/hour - Response to Pre/Post Assessment & Processing Requests

                         - T1 Adjsutments

$75-300/hour -  Resolution of disputes and ammendments with the Canada Revenue Agency

$150 per half hour- Inital Consulation*

*Inital Consultation fee is credited towards preparation of current year tax return*

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