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 Our Services

Personal Income Tax Preparation

We provide an incomparable experience when it comes to filing your personal income tax. Before tax season, every year, we send out letters to clients supplying them with a list of possible claimable expenses. Every client's documents are thoroughly gone through. We make sure we get you everything rightfully owed to you and aim to minimize the amount you owe to the Canada Revenue Agency. 

tax preparation

Consultation Services $300 an hour

We provide professional advice to any who ask for it. 

Final Returns and Estate Planning
From sorting out estates to planning for your future generations, we can help every step of the way before and after a loved one passes. The time it takes and the cost of probate can be debilitating. The goal of estate planning is to arrange your finances in a way so that your assets can be passed to your successors as quickly as possible.
Was this person paying tax installments? Collecting child benefits? Paying GST? Not sure how to file a Trust Return (T3)? These are all questions we can help you get the answer to. 
Form Completion

We can help you to fill out a wide variety of forms. Whether you are needing advice on filling out your TD1 for work, help with understanding your Old Age Security (OAS) and CPP forms, or even completing forms such as the Disability Tax Credit Certificate.  
T4 Preparation & Worker's Compensation Reporting
Records Of Employment (ROE) Completion
Bookkeeping Services


Our team has extensive experience in doing bookkeeping for a variety of different businesses/corporations. From restaurants to farms to construction, we are very versatile in what we can do for you when it comes to bookkeeping. We offer services in payroll preparation, monthly reconciliations of banks and credit cards, GST/PST/Source Deduction form completion, Accounts Recievable and Accounts Payable reports as well as consultation for any bookeeping client. Let us help you to make the decisions that are best for you and your business. 

Business Registration
Starting a new business? Expanding an older one? We can help you to make sense of all the government paperwork that goes into starting up your business. Come in today to get help with registering for a Business Number (BN) GST Account, PST Account and/or Payroll Account. 
Incorporation Services
Business and Corporation Services


We have experience and professionalism that is unmatched in the auditing environment. Our owners spent many years contracting across Canada, allowing them the ability to work within many types of corporate/business atmospheres. 


We offer preparation of:

  • Basic Financial Statements 

  • GST Rebate applications,

  • Non-profit and Charity Returns,

  • Completion of Audits, Notice to Readers and Reviews, 

  • Free consultation to board members and staff at no extra charge. 

If you require help with an item that has not been listed, please contact us at (204) 571-1226. All services are not included on the list. ​

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